At Suffolk University we have many study abroad opportunities, including programs held at the University's campus in Madrid, Spain. Suffolk’s Study Abroad Office is an extensive resource for learning about international study programs. Among the many study abroad options are the summer programs listed below, which specifically tailored for art and design majors.

llustration & Art History Program

Location: Florence, Venice & Rome, Italy
This six-week summer program consists of outdoor studio painting and drawing, lectures on Renaissance art history and culture and field trips to museums, churches and monuments. Explore the dramatic vistas of the sun-drenched Tuscan countryside, its towns and private gardens, as well as its bustling piazzas, and Renaissance architecture – all of which serve as subject matter for the course. (offered alternating years) For more information contact Professor Wallace Marosek.

Foundation: Painting Program

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
This three-week summer program is offered in conjunction with St. Charles University in Prague and is open to Suffolk University BFA candidates, who want to fulfill their Foundation Painting requirements as well as Suffolk students and students from other institutions, who wish to earn elective credits. In this Program, students will study Western art painting techniques using Czech and Central European topography, culture and architecture as a visual context. The curriculum includes Plein Air and in-studio painting sessions, combined with walking tours and visits to key cultural sites. For more information contact Professor Susan Nichter.

Interior Design: Studio & Art History Program

Location: Madrid, Spain
This five-week summer program is offered at Suffolk University's Madrid campus and is open to Interior Design BFA and Interior Architecture MA candidates. From theory to practice, students are guided through a broad cultural and historical overview of Spanish art and architecture practices, which they will then apply to problem solving in their studio work. Students in the program will have the opportunity to travel to local museums, where they will experience first-hand contact with some of the most influential Spanish works. For more information contact Professor Anna Gitelman.