Michael Behnam
Associate Dean/Dean of Graduate Programs and Academic Affairs
Director of Global Travel Seminars
Phone: 617-573-8088
Email: mbehnam@suffolk.edu

Heather Hewitt
Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs
Phone: 617-573-8306
Email: hhewitt@suffolk.edu

Sara Esner
Associate Director of MBA Programs
Phone: 617-305-1707
Email: sesner@suffolk.edu

Christine Maher
Assistant Director of MBA Programs
Phone: 617-305-1719
Email: cmaher@suffolk.edu

Caitlin DeStefano
Associate Director of Graduate Programs in Accounting, Finance and Taxation
Phone: 617-573-8641
Email: msa@suffolk.edu, msf@suffolk.edu, mst@suffolk.edu

Priscilla J. Rosati
Assistant Director, Executive MBA Program

Leann Baldwin
Associate Director of Public Service Program
Phone: 617-573-8330
Email: mpa@suffolk.edu

Alicia Vinal
Assistant Director of Healthcare Administration Programs
Phone: 617-305-1769
Email: avinal@suffolk.edu