Student Scholarship Initiative


Suffolk University students are distinguished by their hard work, intelligence, persistence, creativity, and compassion—the drive to make the most of the opportunity a Suffolk education affords.

Yet no matter how hard some of our students work or sacrifice, many are unable to continue their higher education for lack of financial aid. Often, the issue of whether they stay at Suffolk or abandon their studies depends on just a few thousand dollars.

That’s where the Student Scholarship Initiative enters the equation.

At Suffolk, our students come first. Through the Student Scholarship Initiative, the University has established direct financial aid to our students as our top priority. Our research shows that financial assistance in the amount of $5,000 for students of the Colleges and $10,000 for students of the Law School often is the difference that determines whether a student remains in college or graduate school. Gifts under those amounts will be pooled to create a single scholarship. That means your contribution, no matter how large or small, can mean the difference between a student completing a Suffolk degree or forgoing a college education completely.

Our goal is to provide need- and merit-based scholarships as possible to students who might not otherwise be able to avail themselves of a Suffolk University education.

Our students work hard every day. They are diligent young women and men—each upholding the University’s spirit and traditions. They deserve your help.